An Intellectual Argument About "Decision 2016"

Morning thoughts from the brain of Matty B....enjoy.

This year, we are once again charged with the task of picking our next president.  This is a decision of great magnitude, as many have suffered great injustices fighting for the right of self-determination.  Allow me, if you will, to explain my thoughts on the matter.

The options that have been presented to us thus far strike me as a bit....curious.  On one side, we have a scandal-ridden woman who (even if she somehow doesn't lie) has blood on her hands, and a self-described "democratic Socialist" as well.  On the other, there is a pompous blowhard who presents good ideas, but not the specifics as to how those goals will be accomplished (to say nothing of his failure to condemn his endorsement by the KKK).  It seems to be like sitting down to dinner as a child, and being presented with a big plate of lima beans and brussel sprouts.  Your parents tell you that you can have either of the two choices, but you must eat one or the other of them.  Knowing me, my reaction would be "wait a second....I don't like either of these things! Can't I have something else".  This is where groups like the Libertarians come in.

All of a sudden, someone walks into the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream.  He says, "sure....maybe you'd like to have this instead".  Now, it is quite obvious that nine out of ten of us would choose to eat the ice cream instead of the veggies.  That's what the Libertarians are giving you, another choice rather than the traditional "lesser of two evils" argument.  There are some people who want to prevent you from having that choice.  That's a bit like your parents stepping in again, and saying, "well, you can't put that on your's not good for you, so we're not going to let you have it".  To that argument, I say again....wouldn't it be better if you could choose something that you like, and that you think is right for you (other than the aforementioned lima beans)? You may not want the ice cream; maybe you're allergic to milk, or you're just nuts and like brussel sprouts more.  However, shouldn't that be your choice? And shouldn't you have the ability to make such a decision?

"The same God that gave us intellect and reason would not intend for us not to use them" - Unknown

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