Anthony Armetta

I live in Manchester with my fiancee, Maria. I grew up in Cromwell, and at the age of 15 I began working for the family business. After graduating from High School, I briefly pursued a degree in Broadcast Cinema before switching majors, after my sophomore year, to instead major in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. In 2015, I graduated from CCSU with my Bachelors' in the same, becoming the first in my family to complete a 4-year Degree. Shortly after graduation, I was hired by Quest Global, and signed on to work with Pratt & Whitney at their East Hartford facility. Three years later, I have saved the company thousands of dollars using process optimization and productivity improvements. I believe that efficiency is a virtue, which ties into why I am running.

I have watched my friends suffer under the crushing weight of student debt, sometimes in the high five figures. Many people my age believe that the era when someone could purchase a home and pay it off before 35 are long gone. I believe these are two sides of the same coin, and that government meddling (via subsidy and regulation) in what should be private affairs has led to outrageous prices in both the education and housing markets. I believe strongly that the libertarian ideal, that each person be responsible for their own affairs and be free from government coercion, cannot possibly take root until we lay the groundwork for a stable and strong middle class. It is my belief that this foundation can be constructed by getting government out of the way of small business owners, and by tearing down government-sponsored monopolies such as the electric and cable markets in our state.

I believe that state funds are blatantly mismanaged. In no other state is there such a disconnect between the amount of taxes paid, and the quality of services received. We pay more in taxes than residents of most other states, and in return we get potholes in our roads that go unaddressed for months at a time, fraying books and outdated equipment in our public schools, and medical bills that are outrageously inflated (despite spending hundreds of dollars, each, on Medicare). I will not mince words: the state of Connecticut is, objectively, inefficient and irresponsible. We deserve better. I will propose a bill for a comprehensive value stream map of state spending, along with continuous transparency going forward. This will result in any wasteful spending being identified. Once waste is identified, it can be removed, and this removal of waste can then justify a tax cut without gutting services people may currently depend on.

At 26 years old, I am one of the youngest people running for office in 2018. I, along with others in my generation, were raised with the idea that the world was horrendously broken and that it would be our generation's job to fix it. There are those who believe that my generation should quietly wait by the sidelines for "our turn". I refuse to wait while the world is driven further into ruin. It isn't simply falling apart, it is actively being pulled apart. I will still be here in 50 years. My decisions if elected will not be merely to secure re-election and a longer stay in a comfy public office. They will affect my own long-term future, and I will make them with that weight in mind.

I have two primary goals:

1. Push for transparency in the state budget, and eliminate wasteful spending.
2. Remove regulations that prevent a healthy middle class from flourishing in this state.

I pledge to do the following if elected:

1. Vote no on any tax increase, period.
2. Push for an overhaul of the state pension plan.
3. Introduce a bill to the house calling for transparency and a Value Stream Map of state spending.
4. Remove regulations which enable monopolies.
5. Remove regulations which create unreasonable barriers to running an independent business.

I will not accept the salary for a State Representative, nor will I accept any pension.
I am doing this so that I can begin to fix this state, and the opportunity to do so is compensation enough.

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