Budget Thoughts

We all know that Connecticut’s spending is out of control and has greatly limited the state’s ability to recover from the last two downturns. The republicans and democrats have been unable to correct this trend without raising taxes.
There is a way. It is not pleasant and it’s hard. What would you do if your income is less than your expenses and you have maxed out your credit? I have been in this position. My only solution was to cut my spending. My family had to decide what was really important and do without everything else. The state needs to do the same.

I will champion a process that requires every department to cut 25% of their budget. Those cuts will be reviewed by a group of legislators that represent each party. Their job will be to prioritize all of the proposals: What stays and what goes. Some departments may not have any cuts; others may lose the full 25%. The goal will be to cut 10% of the state budget. Then we do it again the following year, and the year after that, until we can lower taxes and fully fund our obligations. Where there is a will there is a way. Let’s do this!

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