Crony Capitalism at its finest

So much for draining the swamp.

According to Bloomberg News, telecommunications giant AT&T paid big bucks to get private access to President Trump; more than $600,000 was paid to Trump’s private attorney Michael Cohen to gain influence and favor with the president. A classic example of crony capitalism.  A politician is cozying up to a corporation to give the business an edge in the marketplace and allow continued intermingling of business with politics. Precisely the type of murky swamp that the president vowed to “drain,”  but instead of that, his team took corporate money and continued to refuse to release his tax information to the American people so we can see just how deep the swamp is.

The CT Libertarian Party has repeatedly stood against the intermingling of business and politics. It creates an instantly corrupt system that promotes dishonest politicians to exploit power over others. CT citizens deserve a better class of politicians, dedicated to keeping business and politics separate entities left to govern themselves. 


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