CT budget issues at fault for Ansonia school closures

If the CT General Assembly didn't understand how the disaster of their budget practices have impacted CT citizens, maybe this will be a wake up call. 

The Ansonia school system has only enough money to stay funded through next Tuesday June 12, 2018. It is not the legal end of the school year, which would meet the 180 day obligation on June 18, 2018. A $600,000 budget shortfall is the cause of the abrupt end to the year; that money was withheld by the state due to their budget issues. Parents, teachers and otter school officials are outraged at the lack of funding as they should be.  Had the CGA engaged in responsible budgeting practices and not spent money on pet projects and bailing out Hartford , then maybe, just maybe, the employees of Ansonia schools wouldn't be concerned about getting paid next week or leaving parents scrambling to get child care in place. It's an inconsiderate action by the CGA.

The Libertarian Party of CT is dedicated to practical budgeting practices that allows the state to spend ONLY what money is received and not to spend money it doesnt have.  The LPCT is also dedicated to making sure our schools are fully funded, fairly treated and accessible to any and all children.  It's time for the third voice of CT politics to step forward and offer a sustainable and logical path to prosperity for this state. 

http://www.wfsb.com/story/38359393/cutting-ansonia-school-year-short-still-a-possibility ( Sent from WFSB )

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