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CT Libertarian Party faithful Harold Harris's take on the economy in CT

One hundred years ago, business leaders like Frederick Rentschler and Igor Sikorsky, the founders of Pratt and Whitney and Sikorsky came to Connecticut to build their dreams into reality because CT had a skilled work force and many individuals willing to invest in new ideas. These investors built their wealth in CT because of their ability to pursue their goals with limited government interference and taxation.

In the 1970s things started to change. Environmental “studies” were used to stop new highways and other projects. Labor regulations diminished employer’s ability to work with their employees to their mutual benefit. Short sighted welfare programs penalized families and failed to encourage recipients from returning to the labor force and the state and local government expanded.

By the 1990s the government had overspent so much money that they needed to take corrective action. Instead of mending their ways, they imposed the income tax. This significant increase in funds allowed the government to continue to expand its control of our lives. Then the inevitable happened. We ran out of money again and again and again. Each time the solution was the same, more taxes.

Business stopped coming to CT, investors stopped investing in CT, the solution, more government intervention. The state had to pay Pratt and Whitney, Sikorsky and other companies to stay. People that have never been entrepreneurs are suddenly experts in using taxpayer dollars to pick the winners and losers. It has not worked. CT is now ranked 49th out of 50 in economic growth. CT’s economy is now smaller than it was in 2004.

The real solution is freedom: The freedom to choose your own path, the freedom to work with others for your mutual benefit, freedom to win or fail. Put the state on the road to recovery by supporting and voting for Libertarian candidates.

Harold S. Harris

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