CT remains at the bottom for state economies

Forbes Magazine ranked Connecticut in the bottom ten for business friendly states in its 2017 report.

Forbes Magazine has ranked Connecticut in the bottom 10 for business-friendly states in its 2017 report. It ranked Connecticut at 42nd, an embarrassing improvement from 2016 when Connecticut was ranked at 43rd. It's cited the heavy burden of regulations, and the high cost of energy needs to conduct business as the main reason that large corporations have been leaving the state in record numbers. The companies that have chosen to stay are ones that have significantly benefited from the corporate welfare provided by the current administration and legislature. Remember less than five years ago when the governor was handing out million-dollar loans for companies to expand their work base. What was the result?  Overall net losses in jobs for our state.  The Connecticut Libertarian Party is dedicated to stopping the practice of corporate welfare for the state. It is not the government's responsibility to provide private business with taxpayer loans. It's the same type of crony capitalism that plagues Washington. It's time that we do better for the citizens of this great state.


Forbes lists CT in bottom for business

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