Kent Johnson Torrington

I am not running for office because I want to be a politician.  And I hope everyone knows that state congress is not a good job.  And it shouldn’t be a good job.  People should not get into congress as a way to further their careers.  I don’t think it should be a paid job at all, but in the US we all get paid for whatever we do.  Kids get an allowance, save lives, keep the peace, run a meeting, everyone gets money.

But congress is different.  We should not be professionals; we should be gate keepers.  We need to be on the side of the taxpayers, the people who are paying for 66,000 Connecticut government workers and all the services they provide us.

I am running for office because I want everyone to vote for any person with the courage to call themselves a Libertarian.  We are the third party, not the Demopublicans or the Republocrats.  We are different, and only a third party can change the way things are.  The other two parties are more of the same.

We are different because we know what is wrong and, with votes, we can make the changes that the government does not want.  How do I know the government doesn’t want the necessary change?  Because most of the government is not elected.  The lion’s share of taxpayer money goes to government workers, and they want to keep their paychecks.,They want their pensions, And they want raises.  The government employee in Connecticut makes 20% more than the non-governmental employee.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that government employees are not hard working, responsible or undeserving of their salaries and benefits.  I am saying the system skews toward bigger government,   Any libertarian will tell you freedom and competition is lacking in our society, our economy, our way of life.

A public servant should sacrifice, like a soldier.  A servant to the public good, but what has happened is the opposite.  We have put government employees above those they serve.  They make more money have better jobs, and the hold more and more power over us every day.

There are other systems.  If business were running, say, a City Hall or a Police Station or a Public Works department they would have a phone bank and a receptionist and they would schedule appointments.  They would not have several highly paid professionals all in the same building at the same time talking to each other.  They would serve their clients who pay the bills in a cost effective way.  Our present system has lost the notion that they are serving the people who pay their salaries, and only Congress can remind them of that fact.

My daughter is a public school teacher and the last thing in the world I would want is for her salary to be cut.    But the way politicians frame the issue of public education is always in terms of money.  Better education means higher taxes.  Give teachers more money or you are against education. You are for ignorance. You are a RepUUUUgnant person.   But anyone who is not in politics, or who is a Libertarian, can easily see the problem should not be framed as if money for teachers is money for education.  Education is a responsibility of all of society, but especially parents, and the only option to better education is not to raise taxes.  We have tried that and it doesn’t work.  More taxes only leads to bigger government, not better government.

What will work is freedom.  Take away the government monopoly on education. Take away all the government monopolies.  If the government makes a monopoly the government has a responsibility to provide a non-profit service, like education.  But in the case of education the only reason it is a monopoly is because the two-party system has decided that is how it has to be.  If we want freedom, change, choice and the power to guide our children we only have choice #1: higher taxes, or choice #2 Libertarians and those with Libertarian ideals like home schooling.

And the main reason a family will choose home schooling over any other alternative is because there is no other alternative.  There is no other alternative because you don’t vote Libertarian and the two party system has decided to make every educator of your children a government employee.

Well, you could send your children away to boarding school at a huge cost.  But the public school system does not allow fair competition.  You pay your taxes and the government does not earmark your taxes for your children, but rather they will allow you child to come to the schools you paid for.  And they will complain we all did not pay enough.

Libertarians don’t think this system is the best.  We don’t think this system can’t change. We know this is not the only system American taxpayers deserve.  We deserve the right to see if the government is the best educator and if a free market can offer choice.  We believe in free competition, fair completion, equality, and transparency.  Government should provide a non-profit school and business should be allowed to do better if they can. Business should be invited to please do better.

Name any government service, or any monopoly created by government.  I am fond of pointing out that any time there is a budget disagreement motor vehicle departments in Connecticut  must lay people off.  No matter that license registration fees alone cover three times the costs of the running the entire DMV, and DMV also brings in revenues from several other services all in one window. We still have to wait three and four hours to conduct business that other states can do in under five minutes. 

And look at auto insurance.  We are required to buy it if we want a car, and the only reason doesn’t offer non-profit auto insurance is to protect their friends in the insurance industry.  If business can do better, please, do better. As it is business profits from a state created monopoly.  And we all know business wrote the insurance law, and business contributed to the campaigns and help support our two party system.  Business doesn’t want competition because only the taxpayer benefits by competition.

It is the same across all business that is licensed by government.  We have all heard the statement that someone who is not a lawyer cannot give legal advice.  Sure you can.  But government wants to protect the licensed professionals who pay their salaries.  I will give you advice about anything you want, but please make your own decision.  That is Libertarian.

Congress should not be a good job.  It should be a tough job.  It should be a sacrifice. There should not be perks except in knowing that you are helping your neighbors and your State.  It is a part time job and it is the only job that can protect us all from big government.  It is the only access the common man has to politics today. 

Any thinking person today sees that Libertarian ideals are what we need.  That government is too big and needs to be dismantled.  A vote for any Libertarian candidate is not a wasted vote.  It is the only vote that counts.  It is a vote for an ideal, a vote against the one big political party of partisans who insult each other and don’t listen to anyone.  If you don’t vote for them they will listen.

Your vote matters only if you vote Libertarian.

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