Mayor Targets LPCT

Would it surprise you to know that a sitting mayor used his political power to disenfranchise the Connecticut Libertarian Party?

On April 27th, the CT Libertarian Party was peacefully working to collect ballot signatures in order to gain ballot access for our great slate of candidates to be on Connecticut ballots this coming fall. While greeting Connecticut citizens as they we're arriving to the annual Daffodil Festival in Meriden and peacefully asking to sign our petitions to support our access, the overzealous mayor of Meriden Kevin Scarpati decided to abuse his power as mayor and ordered the police force of Meriden to physically stop our peaceful, loyal party members from obtaining signatures. This is just another example of an entrenched politician believing that his word is as good as law and can abuse his authority as mayor, an authority given to him by the people of Meriden. The Connecticut Libertarian Party is strongly against infringing the rights of any political group attempting to gain ballot access for free elections in the state. We reaffirm our commitment to the freedom of all citizens to make informed decisions for themselves, to choose who they believe to be the best candidate regardless of whether they are a Libertarian or not. And in the case of Mayor Scarpati, it's very clear that he sees this as a threat to him as a mayor. 

As a result of this infringement, the Connecticut Libertarian Party has filed lawsuit with the mayor. People in power must be held accountable for their actions, especially when they abuse their power. This behavior is shameful and must not be tolerated. The mayor will answer for his actions. Despite the mayor's attempts to restrict our party's ability to run smart and common-sense based campaigns against the two party duopoly, the Connecticut Libertarian Party will continue on to persevere and continue to offer Connecticut citizens a third voice in Connecticut.

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