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The Libertarian Party of Connecticut has served as the single-most principled political organization defending civil liberties and advocating for a smaller, less intrusive government, but we can’t do it without your support! Support a fiscally responsible, socially accepting, pro-peace party. That consistently advocates for your freedom on all issues, all the time. Don’t be a part of the Republican-Democratic problem, become a part of the Libertarian solution!

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 Membership Benefits 

As a member of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut you will: 

  • Be directly supporting the cause. The Libertarian Party of Connecticut does not take special interest money; it relies on the support of people like you.
  • Belong to a party that fights for your freedom on all issues, all the time. That consistently defends the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • Receive our email newsletter and updates on party activities. 
  • Join a party committee
  • Have a say in our party; automatically a delegate to the annual State Convention. 

What Your Contribution Supports 

Of course, whether or not you are a member of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut, you can still contribute, volunteer, support any of our candidates, or signup to get our newsletter. 

We receive no funds from the national party, nor do we accept money from special interest groups and lobbyists. Every dollar we spend comes from liberty-minded individuals like you. Your contribution will help us: 

  • Help support our candidates to get the right people elected 
  • Conduct local and state outreach efforts
  • Produce and print promotional materials and advertising