The Disastrous plan for Tolls

Once again, the CT legislature continues its reckless budgetary practices by now trying to add another source of revenue to squander: tolls.

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Libertarians are the only ones with a plan for smaller government

Government is a service to the citizens.  Each tax needs to go to a purpose.  When we pay gas tax, it should go to the roads.  When we pay property tax, it should go to education.  Sales tax is divided among all the services and should be broken down by how much of it goes to law enforcement, public safety.  It should be simple to see our tax dollars transparent, broken down by purpose, office and the service it provides. When we pay motor vehicle registration, it should go to the motor vehicle office and administer the services provided.

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SCC Dinner Meeting

The State Central Committee will meet at Avanti Restaurant on May 12, 2018 at 6:30pm. Please contact Vice Chairman Roger Misbach via email if you plan on attending. It's bound to be a great time celebrating good food, good friends and liberty for all. 

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