Petition Drive

The Libertarian Party of Connecticut is engaged in a petition drive to place the Libertarian Party's Presidential candidate - Governor Gary Johnson and running mate Governor William Weld on the ballot in Connecticut!  This drive, requiring 7,500 valid signatures, is a large undertaking - but we know we can do it with your help!  Keep an eye on the "Events" page for volunteer appreciation events and petitioning training.  

If you would like to help out, you can find petition forms below.  Please download the appropriate form and print it, front and back, on legal sized paper.  We are also happy to provide copies; just contact us!  Please note that, on any given page, signatures can only be gathered from one town, so if you have people signing from multiple towns, use separate pages.  

If you plan on petitioning in public places, and do not have experience petitioning, please attend one of our training events or teleconferences, or contact us for tips.  However, even if you can just collect signatures from friends, family, and coworkers, you'll be helping us out a great deal.  If everyone who views this website monthly gathered 10 signatures, we'd be done!  

You'll notice that the names appearing on the petition form are not those you'd expect.  Not to worry, we are working to put Governors Johnson and Weld on the ballot!  Since we began the drive prior to the LP National Convention in Orlando, we used place-holder candidates on the petition forms.  Once we attain ballot access, we will notify the Secretary of the State of the correct candidates, and they will be placed on the ballot.  The place-holder names are a technicality since state law does not permit a party to petition without names for the candidates.  

The petitions also list 7 electors.  Although Connecticut law uses "elector" to mean voter, the term here means "candidate for the electoral college."  If (or should we say when?) the voters choose Johnson and Weld, these 7 people will travel to Hartford to cast Connecticut's 7 electoral votes.  They were selected by the party for their dedication and service to the party, which assures us of their faithfulness when called upon to cast their votes.

The backs of petitions require an oath or affirmation.  We have several people able to take this oath and certify the forms; please contact us when you're ready to turn in your pages and we'll come pick them up from you.

Connecticut Residents:  Please use this form.

Residents of other states:  Please use this form.