Reflections on CT

CT Libertarian Party faithful Harold Harris's take on the recent legislation regarding the crumbling foundations in CT

I have a great deal of sympathy for the home owners and business that have been confronted with the extremely high cost of repairing their crumbling foundations. I am also sympathetic to the citizens of Connecticut that face the ever increasing cost of home ownership.

The legislation that adds a $12 surcharge on homeowner’s insurance police provides assistance to some home owners at the expense of others. In addition it adds to the administrative cost of the insurance companies and the government. The bill itself illustrates the long term unintended consequences of this approach to the problem. It adds other home owner woes to be covered by the surcharge, sinking foundations in New Haven and lead and radon abatement. We can expect the list to grow. We can also expect the surcharge to increase. We are not creating a solution, we are creating a problem.

A voluntary contribution process would be better. It could be a check off on the income tax similar to what already exists. This voluntary system would be self correcting. If the money is misused or extended beyond reasonable limits, people can stop their generosity. Freedom of choice is always preferred to open ended mandates.

Harold Harris

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