Roger Misbach

Roger Misbach is the Libertarian Party of Connecticut's Nominee for the 83 General Assembly District. 

In his own words:

"I live in Meriden with My wife Ellen and my three kids. My oldest Briana is a graduate of Southern, Allison is attending Southern, and my youngest Alex will be at Uconn this fall. I grew up in North Haven and at twelve years old started working on a farm. I was a flooring installer out of High School and worked locally in Wallingford and Meriden. My wife and I settled in South Meriden 17 years ago. Our kids attended Meriden Schools. We love it here; it's where we call home. We're getting older, and it's time to start thinking about our next chapter in life. Like many of us we worry about retiring here, can we afford it? How much worse is it going to get? We also worry about our kids, Can they find a good job? Start their own family? We are Like many families being close to one another is important. No one wants to leave their home; it's worse when your government is forcing you from your home

What a mess the duopoly has made of Connecticut. Our license plates should not say the Constitution state; our representatives have legislated liberty and personal freedom away. I blame both parties because one party was in control and the other failed to be the balance. This state is a mess, No growth, no jobs, declining population, crumbling roads and our legislature spends their time debating bills we can't afford and laws that infringe even further on the rights of the people of Connecticut.

I'm often asked why do you bother trying to fight the two-party system? It's hard one party wants to provide everything and spend like drunken sailors, and the other says we need to cut cut cut with no actual plan. There is no parent in the room. Cronyism runs rampant and they kick the can down the road time and time again.

There is a better way. There is a chance to put some checks and balances on the system. New innovative ideas to transform Connecticut from a State heading towards ruin and a beacon for the country of liberty and justice. My voice, as well as the whole Libertarian ticket, have a way forward for Connecticut. Jobs, Growth, Opportunity, life liberty, and justice for all. Join us, vote for us, take the leap from the lesser of two evils and choose the one actual party of freedom. The rest of the country is full of optimism and growing the Libertarian party can get Connecticut on that train.


My pledge:

1) No new taxes

2) Eliminate unnecessary taxes that make up less than 2 percent of the state's revenue. They cost more to collect than they take in.

3) Give local schools the freedom to innovate and choose whats best for their school system. Eliminate the unwanted burdens Hartford puts on cities and towns.

4) Fix the states broken pension system

5) Lower taxes so that the people of Connecticut can prosper and stay in the state they love.

6) End corporate welfare.

I vow to do my part to restore Connecticut and put her back on top where she belongs. I will take a pay cut; I will not receive a pension. I will serve my State; my state will not serve me."

Thank you

Roger Misbach


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