The Disastrous plan for Tolls

Once again, the CT legislature continues its reckless budgetary practices by now trying to add another source of revenue to squander: tolls.

The legislature plans to place upwards of 70 tolling stations throughout Connecticut highways including interstates 91, 95, 84 and the Merritt/Wilbur Cross Parkways. They claim that the revenue raised will go directly to the special Transportation fund, but we all know that when push comes to shove, they will take the money and spend recklessly on unrelated projects. So instead of developing more disciplined budgetary practices like all Americans, the legislature decided two instead take more of our money during our daily commutes. It's essentially a commuter tax that we pay to get to work. The Connecticut libertarian party strongly opposes the establishment of any tolls in the state of Connecticut. The legislature needs to develop a disciplined method of assigning tax revenue to the special Transportation fund even if that comes at the expense of reduced funding for other programs. It is this pattern of reckless spending and undisciplined budgetary practices that have created the mass of deficit and debt liabilities that our state currently holds. Don't let either party trick you; they both engage in these reckless spending practices. Only the Connecticut libertarian party is dedicated to two reducing taxes, reducing spending, and reducing the size of ineffective Government. 

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