The Longest Day

Libertarian party member Harold Harris's perspective on the invasion at Normandy. 

There is a great movie called the “Longest Day” that chronicles the events of June 6, 1944. That day is best known as “D-day”. Twenty five years after the end of World War I (the war to end all wars) Americans returned to France to die. On that day 2499 young men and woman had the shortest day of their lives; almost all were under the age of twenty.
For some it was quick. Their landing craft exploded or their glider crashed. For others it was slow and agonizing. It may have taken them hours to succumb to their wounds. There were no safe places nor were there safe assignments. Medics, pilots, coast guard, paratroopers, and riflemen: none were safe.
There is one thing for sure, they were all scared. But they overcame their fear to do their job. That job was to end Nazism and Hitler’s quest for world dominance.
Unfortunately, many Americans today know little about this day. Every American needs to know why the actions after the war to end all wars lead to WWII. What was done different after WWII that has given us 74 years without another all out war? If we do not know the answers we may fail to stop the next world war.

Harold S Harris

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