2020 LPCT Primary

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

The 2020 LPCT Primary was a non-binding straw poll open to all registered Libertarians in the State of Connecticut. The goal was to determine general popularity and support behind the declared candidates running for the 2020 Presidential nomination in the Libertarian Party. Delegates to the National Convention are not bound to the results of this poll.


In order to participate in this primary you needed to be registered to vote as a "Libertarian" in the State of Connecticut. We verified information with public voter registration records prior to sending electronic ballots.


The results are in! It took 19 rounds but we have our winner! 

Jacob Hornberger finished the final round with 51% of the total vote! 

  1. Jacob Hornberger: 51%
  2. Jim Gray: 25%
  3. None of the Above: 24%

Thank you for participating in the primary! We hope to refine the process and use it for future elections.

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