Field Development

Field Development Division

The Field Development Division is responsible for establishing, developing, and maintaining Congressional District(CD)-level affiliates, which shall mirror and augment existing Libertarian Party of Connecticut's Divisions at the CD level. This includes training affiliates on best practices, and providing necessary logistical support. Additionally, they will assist in training and supporting CD affiliates on successful event planning techniques and strategies.

Field Development Division general responsibilities:

  • Develop CD Affiliates. Re-affiliate & develop CD Libertarian Party affiliates.
  • Training and Support. Provide training and support to CD affiliates to create a sustaining party.
  • Candidates. Support local candidates and local issues.
  • Membership. Assist the CD affiliates increase overall party membership.

Positions, Job Descriptions & Requirements

Field Development Director

Description: The Field Development Director shall be responsible for the oversight of the Field Development Division. The Director shall be responsible for assisting all affiliates in any way possible and shall encourage the creation and growth of Libertarian CD and their affiliates. The Field Director may also work with state wide and national LP candidates.

Principle Accountabilities:

  1. Responsible for establishing and populating all necessary committees as well as recruit and appoint all leaders within the Field Development Division.
  2. Mentor and lead all other members of the Field Development Division.
  3. Identify Congressional District leaders and establish Libertarian CD affiliates.
  4. Communicating and supporting CD Chairs and Officers to assist them with growing their Libertarian affiliate.
  5. Acting as a liaison between CD affiliates and the state affiliate.
  6. Maintain a profile on each CD affiliate and monitor growth.
  7. Draft a plan for the state to affiliate all CD’s.
  8. Oversee the drafting and publishing of the Field Development Division field manual.


  • Strong networker with business development skills.
  • Experience building organizations/businesses.
  • Personable, professional, and amiable attitude.
  • Experience in project management and great time management skills.
  • Ability to handle multiple high stress assignments.
  • Sincere commitment to work with all constituent groups including all other staff, board members, and volunteers.
  • Self-starter, able to work independently, and entrepreneurial.

Assistant Field Development Director

Description: Responsible for assisting the Field Development Director in all aspects of the position.

Join the Field Development Division Team

There are several positions that need to be filled, and there are multiple opportunities to get involved with the Field Development Division. If you are interested in getting involved or if you would like to learn more,Contact Us today or fill out the form to Apply for a Leadership Postion!