Gun Rights


Libertarians Support the Right to Self Defense

The Libertarian Party will protect your ability to defend yourself, your family, and your property from those who might wish to do you harm. Inherent in the right to self defense is the ability to possess the means of self defense.

Responsible, law-abiding citizens should not be required to obtain permission to engage in a peaceful activity. Gun ownership, by itself, harms no one and the criminal penalties currently imposed by the government cannot be morally justified.

It should be recognized that the police generally do not provide security in your home, to your business, or while you are on the street. They very often show up after a crime is committed to take reports and do detective work. It is naive to believe anything other than that your safety is your responsibility.

Government restrictions on our ability to defend ourselves create a more dangerous world for us all. Firearms regulations can drive up the costs of gun ownership, which prices the poor out of the market and renders the economically disadvantaged unable to defend themselves. And guns, when available, are a great equalizer. They allow a physically weaker person to defend herself against a stronger attacker.

It should also be recognized that criminals do not obey the law. Unlike the law abiding members of society, criminals very often get their guns by stealing them or purchasing them on the black market. Background checks, gun registration, gun free school zones, and large capacity magazine bans are only effective at frustrating those of us who are already inclined to obey the law. They do not in any way impede criminals from acquiring guns or committing crimes.

As a start, the Libertarian Party of Connecticut advocates for the repeal of SB 1160, the draconian gun control legislation passed in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook shootings. We mourn for the lost lives, but are disgusted by the political opportunism that turned a tragedy into an excuse to further restrict liberty.

Personal Responsibility

Let us put the responsibility where it belongs, on the owner and user of the gun. If he or she acts responsibly, without attacking others or causing injury negligently, no crime or harm has been done. Leave them in peace. But, if a person commits a crime with a gun, then impose the severest penalties for the injuries done to the victim. Similarly, hold the negligent gun user fully liable for all harm his negligence does to others.