IT Division

The Informational Technology (IT) division is responsible for implementing all aspects of technology within the Libertarian Party of Connecticut.

IT Division general responsibilities:

  • Website Development & Operations. The IT Division is responsible for all aspects of the development of the Libertarian Party's web presence.
  • Data Management. The goal of data management is to aggregate, maintain/update, cleanse and append all databases.
  • Modeling. The goal is to start forecasting different trends regarding politics within Connecticut as well as campaign outcomes based on all available information.
  • Mobile Technologies. The IT Division will develop and deploy new mobile technologies.
  • Vendor Integration. Work with service providers we need to ensure that their technologies are integrated with the Libertarian Party's technologies.
  • Interface with other Divisions. The IT Division will work with other divisions within the Party.

Open Positions, Job Descriptions & Requirements

IT Director / Webmaster

Description: The IT Director manages and oversees the IT Division. Responsible for planning, development and implementation of all technologies used by the Libertarian Party of Connecticut. Directs the efforts of the technologies used by the Party and develops technology strategies. Is responsible for the maintenance, usability and updating of our official website and other standalone initiatives and campaign websites. The Webmaster will integrate all technologies with the website and integration with social media.

Principle Accountabilities:

  1. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut’s official website,
  2. Build complete, functioning websites, sub-sites (campaign and initiative) and landing pages as needed using Content Management Systems such as Drupal and WordPress.
  3. Design and administer websites using a variety of tools.
  4. Enable ecommerce.
  5. Create/Edit/Enhance web pages and new content on our CMS platform (WordPress)
  6. Identify and implement innovative SEO strategies.
  7. Monitor, analyze and report site traffic (google analytics and other tools).
  8. Maintain our membership database program, CiviCRM (our CRM).
  9. Manage server and site access rights and authorizations.
  10. Recommend courses of action to maintain web access and provide for future growth
  11. Provide input to IT procedures, standards and policies.
  12. Identify, recommend, and prioritize new Web features and applications.


  • Creation, editing and publishing using web technologies such as; ASP, CSS, XML, HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery and PHP.
  • External web site and open source content management systems (Drupal, WordPress, etc.).
  • Knowledge of database administration, setup and configuration (MS SQL, MySQL).
  • Understanding and implementation of ecommerce and shopping carts.
  • Strong SEO background.
  • Experience with developing for mobile platforms/devices.
  • Experience and familiarity with commonly used design tools (i.e., Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc.).
  • Understanding of web hosting setup and management of web hosting platforms.
  • Understanding of usability and user experience.
  • Strong collaboration and written communication skills.
  • Must be able to multi task and manage projects effectively.
  • Sincere commitment to work with all constituent groups including all other staff, board members, and volunteers
  • Self-starter, able to work independently, and entrepreneurial.


Assistant IT Director

Description: Responsible for assisting the IT Director in all aspects of the position.

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