Memorial Day

Memorial Day - The cost of Freedom


When established, Memorial Day had a single purpose.  That purpose was to honor the men and women who died to win and maintain the freedoms that give the USA a special place in world history.

The first person to die in freedoms fight was Christopher Seider (or Snider).  He died on February 22, 1770, 11 days before the “Boston Massacre”.  He was killed when a customs service employee fired into a crowd of protesters.  He was the 12 year old son of German Immigrants.  That is correct.  He was 12 years old.  Many other 12 year old “men” have died in the defense of our freedom.  They served as drummer boys, message runners, and gun powder boys.  They were in the heat of the battle.

One of the most important freedoms they gave us is freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.  Young Christopher died while taking part in an assembly of people protesting burdensome regulations placed on the colonies by a king and parliament in which the colonist had no representation. 

Today we have college students and faculty that need safe spaces on their campus to protect them from speech they do not like.  It is sad, 12 year old “men” fought and died for freedoms that these “adult children” squander.   

Harold S. Harris

Glastonbury, CT