DSC_6332_edited.jpgThe Chair and Vice-Chair during Bylaws debates.

DSC_6335_edited.jpgRich Lion speaks on gun rights and his campaign.

DSC_6338_edited.jpgDarryl Perry addresses the crowd.

DSC_6340_edited.jpgRob Lombardo, from the Free State Project, speaks on the National Platform.

DSC_6343_edited.jpgLP Mass Chair Dr. George Phillies speaks on the opportunities and challenges for the party.

DSC_6345_edited.jpgState Chair and Elected Libertarian Josh Katz on "The Art of Governance." 


DSC_6365_edited.jpgProfessor Richard Adelstein speaks on three great Americans:  Thomas Jefferson, Louis Brandeis, and Andrew Carnegie.  




DSC_6354_edited.jpgState Representative Devin Carney (23rd District) sums up the legislative session and speaks on freedom.


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  • Carolyn McMahon
    Just want to give credit to the photographer. Photos taken by Gary Komarowsky