Profile in courage

Profile in Courage

As a parent or grandparent, you should be concerned at how our children are being used in the gun control debate, no matter which side you support.


In November students at Glastonbury High School were forced by school officials to remove a silhouette of a soldier holding a gun. Recently GHS officials sanctioned student anti-gun demonstrations.


Which students showed the courage and individuality we expect our schools to teach?  


I found out this weekend that my 12-year-old grandson was put in the position of deciding if he would sit in the classroom and read while the other students demonstrated. Of the 80 or so kids involved, only four including my grandson decided not to join the protest. I am very proud of my grandson; he decided what was important to him and he was brave enough to stand up to the peer pressure that his teachers helped create. He will be a leader someday, "and more, he will be a man."  (Please read Rudyard Kipling, "If." for a definition of a man.)