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  • Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 08:00 AM · 92 rsvps
    Courtyard Marriot in Cromwell, CT

    LPCT Convention 2022

    The Libertarian Party of Connecticut invites you to attend our Regular Convention in Cromwell where we will amend bylaws, elect officers, the State Central Committee, the Judicial Committee, Delegates to the National Convention, and Candidate nominations for 2022 elections.

    To vote in Party business, one must be a dues-paying Regular Member. To be a National Delegate, one must be an Associate Member or Regular Member. To vote for candidate nominations, one must be registered to vote as a Libertarian in the State of Connecticut.

    The Agenda consists of:

    1. Reading or Distribution of Approved Minutes of the Previous Convention
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. Bylaws Amendments
    4. Selection of SCC Officers
    5. Determination of the number of At-Large seats on the State Central Committee to be filled.
    6. Selection of At-Large State Central Committee members.
    7. Selection of Judicial Committee members (three for a four-year term plus any vacancies to be filled).
    8. Selection of delegates to the National Convention.
    9. Nominations of candidates for Federal and Statewide offices.
  • Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 06:30 PM · $50.00 USD

    2022 LPCT Speakers!


    The LPCT and the LPCT Mises Caucus invite you to a 2022 Speaker event and fundraiser with 

    • Dave Smith - Comedian and host of Part of the Problem and regular contributor on Kennedy on Fox Business.
    • Angela McArdle - Chair of LP of LA County and LNC candidate for Chair.
    • Scott Horton - Director of The Libertarian Institute, Editorial Director of antiwar.com, and author of Enough Already and Fool's Errand.

    Tickets are $50 per person. We will also hold a 50/50 fundraising raffle to help support our ballot access drives!

    Please consider an additional donation. All proceeds after costs go towards helping the LPCT obtain ballot access for the 2022 elections.

  • Sunday, February 27, 2022 at 02:00 PM · 2 rsvps
    The Abbey Restaurant and Bar in New Milford, CT

    Litchfield County Feb 2022 Annual Convention

    Libertarians from all around Litchfield and Upper Fairfield Counties are meeting up to discuss the issues and make decisions that affect our organization and community. We are the regional affiliate of Connecticut's Libertarian Party and our mission is to grow grassroots support for libertarianism within our region.

    This event will be our monthly meeting and annual 2022 convention.

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